August 17 – Fulanga-style living

The days rolled one into the other as we settled into Fulanga-style living.  Cooking, snorkeling, kayaking, beach combing, reading, relaxing.  It was easy to move the boat around and reanchor because it was generally 18ft of sand bottom.

Tai had invited us to lunch on Friday and we picked up the weavings and kava bowls we bought.  We’re learning about trading and accepting and offering gifts.  Friday was the last day of school for several weeks and there was a holiday spirit in the air.  The school was putting on a meke for the parents and tables were set up selling food as a fundraiser.  We bought a couple crab-filled rotis (yum), some Fijian “toffee” and a leaf-wrapped package of ground cassava.  I also snagged some squash.  Tai showed me his garden and picked some spinach-like greens he called cabbage.

I met Tau, the principal of the school, who showed me their library and homemade costumes the kids wore for their “muffit day” when they can wear anything to school that they make.  We talked about the school’s huge need for learning materials.  More on that in another post.

Tai rounded us all up for lunch – like herding cats – and we spent most of the afternoon eating and laughing and getting to know him and his relatives.  It was delightful to see them relax and get silly wanting us to take their pictures.  We wandered back to the boat feeling like we’d been accepted into their community.  Tai and his family came with us to see our boat.

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