August 12 – Fulanga friendliness

We motored Chesapeake over to the village, following in Guava Jelly’s wake, to lay a track for future use.  By dinghy it would take us about half an hour and a lot of gasoline.  We were warned about the mosquitoes when we got to shore, but no matter how much Deet spray we applied those annoying insects hung on to us during our 15 minute hike into the village.

Sidewinder joined us for sevusevu.  Later we wandered down to the wood carving area where Ricky was carving his own kava bowl.  We spent the balance of the morning watching the carvers and chatting with Tai who became our unofficial contact for everything connected with the village.  He brought us those delicious ladyfinger bananas, coconut water (in the coconut of course) and made us feel quite at home.  Soki brought us a wheelbarrow full of bananas and papayas for $F20.  Eventually we motored back to the lagoon and I enjoyed a late afternooon kayak around some of the closer islets.

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