July 30 – meke in Dalicone

Reluctantly we left Bay of Islands and headed back to Dalicone for the meke they were putting on for us.  We all dressed in our best sulus and headed into their community center and were welcomed with beautiful flower neckpieces.  The spokesman gave a welcoming speech and then we were invited to eat as much as we could from the buffet table.  It was traditional Fijian food, tavioka (casava), dalo (taro root), seafood in lolo (coconut cream), lemon fried fish, and a spinach-like green in coconut milk, pork and lobster.  It was all very tasty.  Then the kava bowl got filled and it flowed all night long.  They played guitars and sang, the women danced, then we all got up and danced with the villagers.  During the evening we had a chance to chat with those who spoke English, learning about their lives and village life.  The meke ended at 8:30pm when they had to shut down the generator.  We left feeling part of their community and very much welcomed into Fiji.

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