July 30 – Lomaloma shopping trip

Several of us wanted to head back up to the Bay of Islands but provisions were getting low, especially for things like fruit and veggies and eggs.  Arrangements were made for us to pile into a pickup truck and ride over to Lomaloma in the SE part of Vanua Balavu.  It has an interesting history dating back to the 19th century when it was conquered by Tongans.  The small Tongan village of Sawana still exists and that’s where we walked to buy our flour, sugar and eggs.  The entire area, including Lomaloma, has elegant architecture in a clean and orderly landscape.  Alas only cucumbers were found in Lomaloma and fresh baked bread.  When we made our second stop 10 days later the bakery oven was broken and the eggs were gone.

As we were walking back through Sawana a woman invited us onto her porch.  Vosa wanted to know how to cast off with her knitting.  None of us could remember but we had an engaging conversation with her and I left with a woven rope kind of  like a long necklace.  When a tabua (whale bone) is attached it’s used in various ceremonies.

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