July 24 – cupcake islands aka Bay of Islands

We were the last boat in the fleet to leave Dalicone and head for Bay of Islands.  A two hour motor sail into a maze of islets and tall rock faces with alcoves and tiny lagoons within lagoons.  There was plenty of room for all nine boats:  Chesapeake, Challenger (Jerry & Yani), Far Star (Kennedy), Guava Jelly (Ricky), Riata2 (David & Carolyn), Secret Agent Man (Eric & Amy), Sidewinder (Suzy & David), Soggy Paws (Dave & Sherry), and Solstice (Bill).

Anchoring was easy once we located the bommies.  17-10.739S, 179-01.197W.  A couple nights we had erratic winds and listened to the anchor drag and growl across the the coral, but we were set.  No bugs to worry about and plenty of space to feel we had our own little paradise.  We found turtles and bats and heard quite a few barking pidgeons.

There was a variety of things to do or just relax amid the beauty and tranquility.  For  me it was into the hammock at sunrise between rain showers.  Then into the kayak and over to pick up Suzy for a kayak around the cupcake islands as I call them.  It was great fun getting to know someone who mirrored my lifestyle.   Many days were spent like this, kayaking with Suzy and Carolyn, then gathering someplace for group socializing.  Sam, from Dalicone, came over in their longboat and took us all on a tour of the caves accessible only by water.  The first cave required we dive down under an overhang and then come up on the inside.  Another cave was barely accessible with the bow of the boat when everyone scrunched down on the floor.  Another day we went in search of a good snorkeling spot.  Then there was a beach gathering at sunset.  Suzy and David (Sidewinder) and Ricky (Guava Jelly) sang and played guitars and harmonica while the rest of us improvised our instruments and sang along.  We burned trash, played frisbee and horseshoes and got terribly bitten by sand flies but no one seemed to care we were having so much fun.  Gradually boats began to head into other directions but not before we all sailed back to Dalicone for a meke (feast) in our honor and $F25/person.  That will be in the next post.

Bay of Islands is the kind of place you want to stay for weeks and weeks and it’s probably the most wonderful place we’ve visited so far, aside from Suwarrow.

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