August 30 – leaving Denarau

After leaving the tranquil lagoons of Fulanga, we arrived at the high-end resort of Musket Cove. We spent one night then headed across the strait to another resort, Denarau. We anchored outside by Yolo and spent a couple days catching up on travel experiences. We lucked out and got a mooring two days ago so the dinghy ride is now a couple minutes instead of 20 minutes and we’re not affected by the big boats coming and going at breakneck speed.

Despite the slow wifi, I’ve managed to post most of our experiences here in Fiji.  I still have Susui and Fulanga to share with you, but alas we need to leave Denarau today and head over to Lautoka to check out.  Hopefully I can bring the blog current over there.  In the future, I’m going to try posting from our sailmail account as we travel through Vanuatu.  The writing will be in the moment (ie rough and untidy) without photos.   On the other hand I won’t be faced with months of exciting adventures to write about after the fact – that feels too much like a job and we don’t want that.

Stay tuned, more to come.

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