July 9 Dakuniba hiking and more hiking

We dinghied back over to the village so Chris, and his dog Snoopy, could show us their waterfalls.  We were joined by Soggy Paws and Challenger and in the middle of this jungle Sherry got a call on her cell phone!  Enormous boulders were scattered around small pools of water creating cascades of cool fresh water where the people in the village come to bathe on Sundays.  Chris showed us some native fruit that looks like an ice cream cone but is really layers of seeds you can suck on.  After the hike and a brief rest on Chesapeake, we joined Soggy Paws and Challenger for another hike back at David’s place to pick oranges and mandarins.  I thought it was going to be a stroll up a small hill in his backyard, but their idea of a short hike is up the steep hills grabbing tree roots to go up and again to slow our descent.  It was exhausting but we got loads of fresh fruit.

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