July 20 – Matagi ever so relaxing

We left Budd Reef at 9:45am motoring out the pass in rough water that quickly calmed down and we had a pleasant sail into Matagi Bay.  This is a beautiful small bay surrounded by big rocks and mangroves with a small beach and picnic table.  Coral reefs fringe the bay with a large sandy area for anchoring.  We contacted Matagi Resort to tell them we were here.  It’s a privately-owned island with a resort on the southern side so we didn’t need to do sevusevu.  They use this bay to bring guests for a day of private beach time.  Well almost private with us anchored in the middle.  The reefs are protected so there’s no removing anything or eating anything from the water or the island.  It’s the perfect place to inflate the kayaks and explore the reefs and do a little easy snorkeling.  The wind is supposed to be ENE but in here it wraps around to the W.  After the rolling at School Bay and Viani we’re delighted with the calm conditions.  And there are no bugs.  We anchored at 16-43.844S, 179-44.643W.

The next day it got windy wrapping around from all directions and the anchorage got rolly.  We did a snorkel on the west side but there wasn’t much to see, just a few coral patches and visibility was not great.  No matter, it’s quiet and extremely relaxing in here.  Resting in the hammock, I could hear goats on the island.

The beach cleanup crew shows up about 8am and the long boat brings out a couple at 9am.  Soon we forget we’re sharing the bay with anyone and it goes back to a casual day of relaxing and boat chores.  An afternoon snorkel on the east side where there’s a few healthy coral patches to make it interesting.  Thermo climes are distinct.  The best part of our brief stay here was resting in the hammock in the cool air of daybreak and watching the long vivid sunrise.

On July 23 we had a weather window to Vanua Balavu so decided to leave at midnight which would get us into the pass in good daylight.

Alas no photos were taken.

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