July 19 – Cobia Island hiking and snorkeling

Willy offered to pick us all up in the village long boat and take us for a wet ride out to Cobia Island in the northern part of Budd Reef.  We arrived at low tide in a launch full of people and snorkel gear, barely making it over the reef.  We had to spend four hours on the island until high tide would give us enough clearance to leave back over the reef.  The rocks were slippery at first, then hard grit and my hiking shoes worked great.  We spent a couple hours hiking over tree roots and hard volcanic rock with easy foot holds.  Lunch was at the top, relaxing and enjoying beautiful views of coral below and beyond and we could even see Chesapeake anchored in School Bay.

After a quick descent we changed into our dive gear by the long boat and Willy took us over the reef to a good snorkel/dive spot.  I had mask problems but Jim remembers seeing some underwater canyons and some big fish.  Mostly I remember being too tired to snorkel very long.  We were grateful to Willy for the transportation and totally exhausted when we returned to the boat.  After a bowl of chili we were in bed at 6:30pm!

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