July 11 anchoring in Viani Bay

Our anchor was up at 10:45am and the winds were up to 25k then abruptly dropped to 10k so we motored and sailed into Viani Bay.  We had several problems anchoring, partly because the windless briefly stopped working (tangled chain?)  and mostly dodging coral  bommies.  After several stressful hours we got the hook to hold on the small coral bottom.  We noticed the landscape was no longer mangroves and jungle but more like California’s golden hills.  David said they cleared the land to grow sugar cane but now they just harvest copra.

We met the  two other boats in the anchorage, Just in Time and Rayfike, both very friendly Kiwis who gave us plenty of information about the area.  Then Jack Fisher came by and welcomed us to his bay.  We mentioned that I was having problems with my ears equalizing after my diving classes last week so he brought over Stephen, their local “doctor”.  I was game to try anything that wasn’t intrusive.   Stephen explained he needed to massage my head and neck and blow in my ear!?!  I can’t say it fixed the problem but the massage was great.

We spent five days here and had a chance to relax, read and socialize.  We also motored out to the white wall reef on Rayfike for diving and snorkeling and more socializing.  This is a good anchorage for close proximity to the reef and sailing over to Taveuni Island but we found it too rolly.  It was time to move on Somosomo village on Taveuni for restocking of fruit and veggies before heading up to Budd Reef.

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