July 10 into the mangroves at Dakuniba

We all took our dinghies into the mangroves to meet David at his copra shed which was tucked back into the jungle.  Copra is one of the main exports.  After picking the coconuts they cut them open and pull out the meat and roast it to remove some of the moisture.  Every village has its own copra shed.  Then we hiked across several hills, through jungle and grass that came up to my shoulders.  The views were amazing and the sun was intense.  David used his machete (called a cane knife here) to clear our well-used narrow path as we hiked.  When we got to the tallest hill we could look down into Viani Bay which will be our next anchorage.  It was a great place to have a mid-morning snack and get some of David’s family history.  It took two hours to hike up and only 45 minutes to come down and I was really glad I wore my hiking boots.  On the way back we passed by a stream and David suggested a quick dip.  Dave on Soggy Paws and I were the only ones interested and indeed it was refreshing even if it was muddy.

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