July 17 hot off the press provisioning in Somosomo

It took a bit of patience and work to get the anchor up at 8:30am this morning, but the coral gave it back to us without incident.  We motored across Somosomo Strait along with Soggy Paws and Challenger to drop anchor off MH market and the village of Somosomo about 11am.  We all rowed into shore by the base of the school were Emma was kind enough to let us carry our dinghies into her yard for safe keeping.  It was a short hike to MH market and another 15 minutes into “downtown” where we had lunch at Sasulava’s.  Susan and Lika prepared a vegetarian meal for me that was really delicious.  I ate it too quickly to think about taking a photo, sorry.  Everyone agreed their meals were super.

After lunch we all scattered to the vegetable stands and various markets for food and yogona (kava).  There were plenty of gorgeous looking tomatoes, chilies, squash, bananas and beans, etc.  Jim even got a haircut for $5 Fijian.  The most interesting thing I saw was a kind of tobacco made from the suki plant and rolled into a long rope, formed into a ball then cut and sold in individual stubs.  Apparently this plant is used to cure stomach aches and pounded and applied on cuts.

When we were ready to leave lots of kids helped us carry our dinghies back into the water and off we went by 3:15pm. It was a quick motor up to the NW corner of Taveuni where we’re rolling in an open anchorage.  We plan on leaving early tomorrow for Budd Reef.

the school where we anchored, Chesapeake is on the far right

the building where Sasulava’s fast food is located between the barber shop and Courts

Susan and Lika who served us a terrific lunch and even offered to watch or stuff while we wandered down the street

the rest are shots around town


This is actually the first time I’ve been able to post something on the day it actually happened.  Of course it messes up the chronological order I’ve got going but oh well.  I’ll come back and post the previous day’s activities soon.

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