May 4 – a productive week

Tuesday, May 1, we drove to Auckland to pick up the life raft, now snugly repacked in it’s canister for mounting on deck.

Wednesday we moved the boat down river to Dockland 5 for Brian to reinstall the mast.   We had to wait for high tide at 1:30pm and then it was a mad scramble to get the mast back into the boot and refitted.  Another boat was waiting for us to get out of the way so they could get back into the water.  Lots of pressure on everyone with many apologies.  Who knew we’d have so many problems getting the mast back on.  We motored back to our berth with rigging in a jumble.

Thursday we got our teeth cleaned, met Jan and Rich on Slipaway and Jason and Karen on Yolo for coffee and catching up.  Later we met Nick and Kathy on Impala and Rosemary on Nina for travel suggestions and dinner.

Friday I successfully shipped the old small solar panels home (an ordeal I don’t even want to go into).  Most of the rigging is done.  Alas everywhere we look there’s a mess–the flat, the car, the boat.  Jobs are half finished, piles and more piles with hardly a place to sit.  Was the boat ever clean?

We’ve passed Sheep World many times in our various trips to Auckland.  We finally stopped and got a shot of their pink sheep.

This is what low tide looks like from our berth, a view up river into Town Basin.  Often we are sitting in 2 feet of mud.

From our berth, this is low tide down river – lots of mud shoreline exposed.

This guy hangs out next to the boat every day.

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