May 26 – watching rain slide down the windows

Weather changes every hour.  Up early for the farmers market, then a slow breakfast back at the flat before moving more stuff onto the boat.

At the end of the day we drove over to the Native Bird Recovery Center which is next door to the Kiwi Center.  It was closing time at the Center, but they let us take a peek at the exhibits and we got an earful about the plight of the Kiwi.  While they are territorial and solitary birds, they lack any defense mechanism so they are easy prey.  Physiologically they’re designed to carry one enormous egg which takes up their whole body cavity and they have very small brittle bones.  I can’t even imagine the egg laying process.  Anyway, their bone structure is easily crushed and most are killed by friendly dogs just wanting to play.  Repopulation is taking place offshore on Limestone Island but the prognosis is not good.  It’s doubtful we’ll ever see one in the wild.

The Recovery center was full of birds (duh) but no humans to give us a tour.  Instead we watched two mallards engaged in combat and lots of birds hanging out.

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