May 24 – where did all the space go?

It’s cold.  The flat is cold (no heat) and we’ve decided it’s time to move back on the boat and become cruisers again.  We lived large in the flat with plenty of room to spread out.  No wonder the boat felt roomy with half the stuff in the loft at the boat yard, the rest at the flat.  Moving back onboard was a slow painful process as we watched the waterline drop even further.  The next four days were spent cooking, cleaning, organizing, stowing.  We treated ourselves to the movies (“Dark Shadows”, “The Avengers” and “MIB3”) and dinner out at our favorite pizza place, Reds.  On Saturday we were up before dawn for another trip to the farmers market.  It amazes me that so many people are willing to go so early when it’s cold out, but indeed they do go.  When we left an hour later it was bustling.  I like being in the first wave of shoppers when the musicians are tuning up and everyone is drowsy and rubbing their hands to keep warm.  I also had a chance to re-shoot some photos I lost, but the sweet corn is gone now.

Loads of callas.

Vibrant hydrangas – they also grow wild along the roads.

There are three regular guys busking and each week a different set of kids are playing as well.

i wish we had room on the boat for flowers

one of Red’s vegetarian pizzas called Little Red Riding Hood with a salad on top in the middle.  The feta is to die for.

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