May 22 – black Tuesday for my computer

Diagnostic error 0142 is what I got when Dell talked me through my service call.  My hard drive crashed and took with it most of my photos from the boat yard and stepping the mast.  What followed was a week of high frustration that overshadowed everything as we worked with Dell to try and get the hard drive replaced.

Meanwhile, we drove to Auckland May 23 to pick up the AMG batteries.  Driving through Auckland traffic is nerve wracking anyway, but having four huge batteries (weighing about 150lbs each) carefully positioned in the back of the car was like driving with a bomb.  No quick turns or sudden stops to shift the weight and tip the car or launch them into us.  Yikes.

We treated ourselves to a nice lunch outside Auckland at Cafe French Rendez-vou by the Pumphouse in Takapuna.  It was the perfect place to go.  Takapuna is a small beach community that clings to small Lake Papuke.    It was a perfect summer-like day and the ducks and geese were everywhere.  The delicious crepes and gentile atmosphere took our minds off all the obstacles we were facing.

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