May 16 – three obstacles

We bought a small portable heater.  Yesterday was incredibly cold with rain pounding at times, then clear blue skies moments later.  Wind was in the low 20s reminding us winter is on the way.  I have to say I love this weather.  From hour to hour the weather changes and I like the diversity.  So part of me is fine with getting stuck here, and stuck we might be.  We have three obstacles we’re dealing with.  The big AGM batteries Jim spent so much time researching and finally ordering are supposed to arrive May19, but we don’t know if they’re on their way or not.  The chart plotter Jim just picked up yesterday, after taking forever to get repaired, has a problem with the radar not working.  And alas a vital engine part doesn’t fit.

Our dock neighbors left yesterday and down the dock another boat leaves Friday.  We’re beginning to feel left behind.

Whangarei has a local theatre group and we went to opening night of “Grease”.  Re-experiencing Sixties American culture was a bit overwhelming in this crowd of Kiwis.  We sat next to a very friendly woman who invited us to dinner for the following evening.  It was an opportunity to hear what it was like to grow up in New Zealand in a large Maori family.

It has nothing to do with the post, just a funny sign I saw around town.

Random shot inside the library.  We tried using wifi here (one hour free each day), but we couldn’t access our emails or use Google.  The library is open 7 days a week, very modern, and the people are super friendly and helpful.

There are lots of murals around town.  This one happens to be near the library and the farmers market.

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