May 12 – dawn at the farmers market

The farmers market is quite wonderful.  It starts at 6:30am just as the sky begins to lighten.  It’s very chilly and there’s a sense of purpose and unity.  Lots of veggies and flowers, some with names I’ve not heard before, like Mizuma, Misome, Puha.  Even sweet corn – in winter here, very strange.  And tomatoes.  Jim went because I told him there was sausage he should consider buying, which he did.  Weather is gorgeous, crisp fall with a slight breeze.  I do love the weather here.

Jim's favorite pork stop

Jim’s favorite pork stop

enormous heads of cabbage

Huge heads of savoy cabbage

kiwano - African horned melon $1 each

Kiwano – African horned melon $1 each



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