May 10 – growling generators and acquired tastes

We’re beginning to see progress.  Many projects are in the final stages of completion and we are solving problems that have plagued us for some time.  It’s all good, just taking much longer than anticipated.  In the process the boat is getting a good going over which means a higher level of safety for us.  I found a nice cafe today with vegetarian options and low prices, Indulge Cafe.  Things are looking up.

I’m sitting on the boat with the generator growling in the background, with two guys working on it.  Terry is working with Jim on the dinghy motor lift attached to the dinghy davits to ensure it’s sturdy enough for continuous use.  Having that heavy motor fall into the ocean would be a disaster.  We’re waiting for a guy to show up and take something we sold on Trademe, and it’s raining.  So goes the morning.

We continue to make progress, slowly, and there were fewer men onboard this morning but the mess is still there.  At least some of the smells have dissipated.

Yesterday we got both jibs up and the mainsail.  It was a huge ordeal and unbelievably heavy.  Other minor things are coming along.  The engine work will resume on Monday so we cleaned up as best we could.  We decided to wait until the engine work is complete before moving back onto the boat because of the smell and mess.

It’s  feijoa season here and our landlords gave us a pile of them to try.

It’s an acquired taste, very sweet, a melding of citrus and pineapple and I don’t know what.

The pampas grass has gone to seed and attracts tons of birds down the street from the flat.

2 thoughts on “May 10 – growling generators and acquired tastes

  1. hey sylvia, sorry it took me so long to respond. i’m not very savvy about the comments part of the blog. where were you when we were given way too many feijoas in new zealand? i want recipes for them. our fabulous landlords gave us quite a few and i didn’t know what to do with them. please send recipes, it will be much appreciated.

  2. Yum, lucky you. I love feijoas! I like to blend the pulp up in margaritas or fruit smoothies. This year I also made a batch of Feijoa Membrillo (sounds better than paste), basically a thick conserve that’s delicious eaten along with baguette and a sheepy cheese.

    Glad to hear you are moving forward with the prep. It sounds exhausting.

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