June 4 – smooth as glass in pastel light

My computer is back and working like a champ.  The radar problem has been resolved and the engine part is taken care of.  I had an appointment with a physiotherapist for  my neck and he worked miracles in a matter of minutes.   We had one last pizza at Red’s, an overwhelming breakfast at Indulge Cafe and said our goodbyes to everyone in Whangarei.

7am on June 3 we left the dock and headed down Hatea River in a glow of pastel colors and blankets of fog in the valleys.  The water was smooth as glass, not a whisper of wind, and it was cold.  We both enjoyed watching the landscape slide by.  About 4pm we dropped anchor in Puriri Bay where we’d stopped last December.  Then it was shrouded in dense fog but today it was fully visible in late afternoon sun.  Cows dotted the light green hills and barren trees stood like exclamation marks.  The next morning we left early, still no wind, and motored through the Bay of Islands.  It was Monday, June 4, Queen’s Birthday and a major holiday weekend.  Plenty of boats were out enjoying the faux summer weather.

Now we’re back in Opua Marina waiting for the next weather window to Fiji.

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