April 27 – back in the water

After four months and lots of $$$$$ Chesapeake is ready to go back in the water.  This is a brief overview of our time in the boatyard at Riverside Drive Marina.

hard non-ablative bottom paint

First is the non-ablative bottom paint overseen by Gavin.

ablative bottom paint

Then the ablative bottom paint.

There were many discussions with Terry about the dinghy davits.  Here they’re testing whether the dinghy will clear our emergency rudder on the scoop (height represented by the vertical bar) at the back of the boat.

There were many fittings to make sure of the size.  This is the first part of the stainless steel arch that will hold the solar panels.

The second part of the arch is installed, with Jim’s help and Terry’s guidance.

Bigger solar panels were installed.

After a heavy downpour early in the morning, we were ready to go back into the water.

But first Gavin needed to touch up the bottom of the keel (I always wondered how they did that).



Chesapeake goes back in the water.  But not without a huge debt of gratitude to an army of people.

So thank you, Maurice and the gang at Riverside Boat Worx, Terry and his guys at Alloy Stainless & Marine.  Grant and Glenn at Ray Roberts Marine for the new (and much improved) genset.  David at Land Sea Power for the electrical on the solar panels, genset and wind generator.  Gavin at Pacific Gloss for the bottom painting.  Ray and Karl at Riverside Drive Marina for running a terrific boat yard and marina.  We also owe a big thank you to Brian at Northland Spars & Rigging.  Thanks to Colleen at Colleen’s Canvas, for her excellent advice and repairs.  Thanks Pelle and Sara at Doyle Sailmakers for their repair work on the sails.  Big thanks to Scott at EM Power for navigating through the radar problems and my computer crash.  Also thanks to Tim at Northland Inflatables for work on the dinghy and my kayak.

One thought on “April 27 – back in the water

  1. Thanks for your kind words Jim and Linda.
    Safe sailing.
    Maurice and the team

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