March 31 – the dog sat down in Auckland

March 29 – We’ve come to the end of our visit home, packed and repacked countless times, and said our goodbyes until next year when we return for another visit.  New Zealand is very strict about having a roundtrip ticket when you check in.  Since we flew from Auckland, NZ to San Francisco we had a bit of difficulty explaining why we didn’t have a return ticket.  After several phone calls to immigration and a lengthy explanation that we had actually sailed to NZ and were now returning to our boat, they let us check in.

It was a 13 hour flight, crossing the international date line, so we arrived in Auckland March 31.  The only other snafu was after gathering our luggage in Auckland.  The sniffer dog identified Jim as being in contact with illegal drugs.  They thoroughly searched several of our cases, and Jim.  Since neither one of us use anything, we deduced Jim had visited someone who grows pot, about two months ago, and the scent was still on his suspenders and jacket, neither of which got washed.  We asked how they knew and they said the dog sits down when she smells pot.  And Jim thought she was just being friendly.


and we still had to ship a box to Whangarei.


One thought on “March 31 – the dog sat down in Auckland

  1. I have really enjoyed your catch-up posts and your terrific pictures. I’m excited for you guys that you are off again to new adventures and I look forward to reading about them. What a funny story about Jim getting sniffed out. I’ll have to remember that “just in case”.

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