April 12 – life raft training 101

Jim and I shared a drive to Auckland with Jason who had to pick up boat batteries.  Conversation filled the two hour trip to the capital of the South Pacific, then he dropped us off for our life raft class and ran his errands.  Denray is THE place for helicopter pilot sea survival training and other forms of rescue training, along with repacking of life rafts.  Since neither Jim nor I have ever been in a life raft (hopefully never will either) we thought it a good idea to see what our life raft looked like during the repacking process.  Ross was our instructor, explaining the construction of our life raft and its contents.  Then we had a Powerpoint presentation and short review of first aid and sea rescue techniques.  It was all very interesting and we both learned quite a bit.  Then we had pool practice to simulate being in the ocean and having to get into the life raft.  That was a hoot as Jim tried to pull me into the raft.  We sure laughed a lot.

After the class we made a brief stop so Jim could make further inquiries about which batteries we need to buy.  It’s a huge decision because of their expense (we need four) and how much we rely on them as they are one of our main power sources.  He’s become quite the expert on batteries.

Then we treated ourselves to lunch in St. Kevin’s Arcade, a 1904 building in downtown Auckland.  I had a delicious vegetarian lasagna from one of the character cafes in my book, Alleluya, while the boys had some nondescript meat dish elsewhere in the arcade.

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