Jan. 2 at the Subtropical Quarry Garden

Someone told me about the Subtropical Quarry Garden and that it was a must see for anyone interested in flowers or gardening.  What an amazing place.  It happens to be fairly close by the boatyard.  Our first visit was brief, but I returned the following day and was lucky enough to meet the man responsible for creating the garden.  It’s a community project run by volunteers.  There are two waterfalls, a substantial lake, garden walkways, bush walks and small trails leading to sitting areas and picnic areas, all inside a terraced amphitheater planted with native plants and trees and subtropical species.
Near the entrance is a section devoted to the five senses through plants.  The movement of so many butterflies at such close range stopped me in my tracks.  Then there were the bird sounds.  I have no idea what they were and I rarely caught sight of a bird, but the echoing of their voices was soothing.  There was another sound I couldn’t locate or identify coming from up the hillsides.  I think it was sheep or cows mewing in unison.  I can’t wait to come back again, to just sit and listen and smell and watch.

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