Dec. 31 begins with thunder & lightening

We had a colossal thunder and lightening storm about 4am.  I had to get up and watch even though the lightening scares me.  The rain pounded.  It was one of the better storms I’ve experienced.  The light was so strong it went through my closed eyelids.  Now it’s all quiet and the rain is a constant that seems to be here forever.  No wonder everything is so green.

We took another road trip, driving out to a reserve area – there are so many to pick from – and it was a lovely day.  No rain, cloudy and cool.  When the sun briefly came out it was actually too hot so we’re glad to have the changing weather.  We brought our chairs and a small picnic to a very large sandy beach with a surprising number of people/families out for the day.  Big waves off in the distance, surfers, boogie boarders, tiny kids playing in the sand.  Jim napped while I read or stared out into the blue.  Then we drove out to another area close by for a hike.  This was a more secluded beach but still quite a few people.  Jim took a longer walk back while I mingled with the cows.  Landscape is stunning along the coast.

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