Dec. 29 – Waipoua forest and Baylys beach

We wanted to check out another character cafe and visit the Kauri Forest inside the Waipoua Forest.  It was our first trip to the west coast and a rare NO rain day.  We took a back route via Google maps and got on a gravel road most of the way – clearly not what Google intended as their timing was way off.  We saw plenty of AG stations with rolling green hills dotted with white sheep or b/w cows in-between getting lost.  Wild mustard, Agapanthas and torch flowers grew in large patches along the road.  The Kauri Forest was beautiful (and free).  It was a short hike to the Four Sisters, Te Matua Ngahere (the biggest tree) and Tane Mahuta (oldest tree).  Funky Fish was just up the street from the beach and quite colorful with wall graphics and a small garden in back.  The corn fritters with sun dried tomato and slivers of capsicum was very tasty and so was Jim’s fish ‘n chips.  Ambiance was more rock n roll with frequent music gatherings.  It was fun to find a new place and see more of the countryside.

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