Dec. 23 – life in our new flat

Dec. 23 – Bread here is yummy with multiple grains, omega 3, etc.  I love dark bread with plenty of seeds and grains, and NZ makes very sturdy bread.  The landlord has put a pot of parsley by the kitchen window, and when I asked him about composting this am he also told me about a dark leafy green he grows called silver beet.  I should help myself.  He has quite a nice garden with fruits and veggies – and a compost pile.  I’m in heaven.  We’re sleeping quite well here, although Jim continues to have his four-hour middle of the night awake time watching DVDs.  We  bought a NZ surge protector (we blew ours yesterday along with one of their house fuses), and two NZ connectors.  Now we can run two electrical devices at a time (or charge them).  We had to make a list of all our electrical items and their requirements, 110 60Hz or 220 50Hz or both–all but two are universal.  Another thing we never think about at home, just plug in and use.

Dec. 24 – While Jim was working on the boat I walked through the neighborhood and discovered a series of trails all over the hills.  The trails are well marked including tree identification and how many steps to each destination.  With blue skies, sunshine, birds hidden in the trees and tree fern canopies, I had a delightful walk.  Ducks were in the river and plenty of places to picnic.  At day’s end the sun is just now creating a warm glow – at 8:20pm.

view from our flat

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