Dec. 15 – pulling the mast and into the shed at Riverside Drive Marina

Dec. 15 – The new marina/boatyard is not as convenient to downtown, and of course it’s attached to the mess of the yard.  But the people are very friendly, helpful, and efficient.  The rigger came by and we’re getting the mast pulled out Monday.  We’ll move the boat across the river to the crane, but before that we have to take down all the sails (they’re huge and heavy) and lines which will take most of tomorrow.  They’re providing me with  a storage area in the loft so tomorrow I’ll carry over a lot of stuff we won’t be needing until we leave next year.  Everything will have a chance to dry out and it will give me an opportunity to sort, toss and reorganize next year.  We also have an electrician coming to discuss the various electrical issues, including how we can be compatible with other countries.  The U.S. is the only country that runs on 60 Hz.

Dec. 16 – Sails are removed and the storage loft is full.  We’re exhausted and I feel disoriented.  Everything is torn up with no place to sit.

Dec. 17 – The weather continues to be dodgy.  It rains, the wind kicks up, the sun comes out, then it starts all over again.  We’re still not used to such long days.  It doesn’t get really dark until 9pm.

Dec. 18 – Read the local Sunday paper.  Gail dropped by the boat for a visit (she’d been on the boat next to us in Opua).  Each of us curled into a corner buried in blankets and pillows, sipping hot tea.  Rain and wind rocked the boat as the afternoon slid away and we talked about life experiences.

Dec. 19 – It’s not raining and the mast removal went smoothly.  We found damage on both ends of the boom vang and the aluminum mast step.  It feels odd to have nothing towering over us on deck.  More items into the loft and the boat feels much lighter, but alas, it will all come back next April.

Dec. 20 – We rented a flat close to the boatyard.

Dec. 21 – Hauled out and into the shed at Riverside Drive Marina.

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