Dec. 14 – Town Basin Marina and more food at Helena Bay

Town Basin Marina is not like any marina we’ve been in before.  It’s right downtown in the river with restaurants and shops and galleries a few steps away.  Everything is within walking distance, markets, tourist attractions, hikes in the hills, buses, an information center.  We see familiar boats and already it feels like home.

After checking into the marina office Jim arranged for the boatyard to come look at Chesapeake and talk about repairs.  Then we took the bus back up to Opua to pick up our car.  Another character cafe was on the way, Cafe & Gallery at Helena Bay, so we treated ourselves on the drive back down.  This was the reason I bought the book, so we could explore New Zealand by mouth, one bite or sip at a time.  It was still raining and mightily overcast, but it didn’t dim our enjoyment.  The website will show you the view we missed seeing.  Food, ambiance, staff it was all great.

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