Dec. 10 waiting in Opua

Dec. 10 – Gale warnings, we’ll stay put in this slip for a while, down below reading all day.

Dec. 11 – Heavy fog and mist, a lot of wind earlier.  We hope to sail down to the next marina before another gale warning comes through.  We’re concerned about getting work started on the boat.  It’s a good day for boat chores and cleaning.

Dec. 12 – 7am and it’s raining, wind 15-20k, not sure we can get out of the slip if the wind is blowing us into the pilings.  We’re going minute by minute.  Definitely we need to go by tomorrow because another gale is forecast for the area where we’re headed.

Dec. 13 – Impossible to read the sky, heavy overcast, drizzling, fog on shore.  Seas rough and high at times.  Motored between Cape Brett and Moturoa Island in Kent Passage.  Rain and cold.  Stopped half way yesterday to anchor for the night at Puriri Bay in front of lush green rolling hills.  Lots of birds along the way, sailed through a large flock sitting on the water. Later visited by several large fat dolphins.  Weather is chilly and damp.  Started up Whangarei Harbor into the shallow river leading to Town Basin Marina.  Had to anchor several hours in mud waiting for high tide.  Depth was 7ft, we draw 6.5ft.

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