Nov. 3 – Ofolanga to Ha’ano and day trip to Luahoko

We sailed over to Ha’ano into a tight anchorage, and with the guidance of Yolo we were able to avoid the numerous coral heads and anchor very close off their stern.  Snorkeling here is the best so far –it’s like floating through an aquarium chock full of huge thriving coral and a vast array of reef fish all in calm water.  I can’t get enough.  In fact, I’m over stimulated visually and am having difficulty shutting off my mind at night.  I want to grow gills and live here.  The colors and shapes, watching the critters underwater, all that silence, it’s like being in a dream space.  With the wide choice of reefs to float over this will be a hard place to leave.

For a change of pace there’s beachcombing with plenty of small shells.  Ken’s Guide describes Ha’ano well and again his waypoints were accurate.  Anchor waypoint is 19° 40.267’ S – 174° 17.355’ W with an approach route of 72° T from 19° 40.440’ S – 174° 17.906’ W.

Nov. 5 – Ha’ano to Luahoko Island and back

There were three of us at Ha’ano and Slip Away volunteered to be the boat to sail us all over to Luahoko Island for the day.  This is an open anchorage in the middle of the ocean, and because the current went one way, the wind another, snorkeling was not easy.  The water was clear and the island was full of birds, but there wasn’t much to see underwater.  We didn’t see the magnificent coral or abundant fish Ken referred to.  We headed back to Ha’ano for more snorkeling.   Ken’s anchor waypoint was 19° 40.522’ S – 174° 23.843’ W.

My face mask finally broke which explains why I’ve had fogging and leakage problems.  I took out the corrective lenses and put them in a borrowed mask.  If I have one lens in for distance and leave one out for close up I might be able to see what I’m photographing which has been a major problem.  Yesterday I saw my first lion fish and a spanish dancer nudibranch.  It just gets better and better for water activities.

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