Nov. 2 – great sailing to Ofolanga, Ha’apai, Tonga

Our sails were up at 7am and we had a very pleasant sail, mostly 7s and 8s with good wind from the East.  It took us 7 hours to get to Ofolanga Island.  We anchored in a sandy bottom with good holding and lots of surge.  The water was murky but we could see the anchor.  There was also plenty of room for other boats to anchor but it was just Slip Away and us.  Inside we had an Easterly wind and waves came around the corner on the bow for a comfortable anchorage, no rocking and rolling.  Snorkeling was much better the second day, especially over some of the reef.  It was a long swim to get island access.  We used Ken’s Kingdom of Tonga Guide for waypoints which were spot on.  Anchor waypoint is 19° 36.430’ S – 174° 27.430’ W.

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