Nov. 13 – stern tie and bow anchor in Nuku’alofa

We’re tucked inside Faua Harbor at Nuku’alofa but what a production it was.  After an all-night sail in not great conditions, we arrived in the harbor about 11am.  It’s crazy anchoring–stern tie-up to shore with an anchor off the bow.  First we had to raft up to the cement dock so we could get the dinghy into the water and put the motor on–a taxing ordeal.  Ouch, we hit the cement dock and gouged the stern.  Then we watched two other boats come in and take the spots we wanted.  Finally, with help, we stern tied to land and got the bow anchor set.  Exhausted, we still had to rig additional lines to shore and secure ourselves to the tiny mooring ball.  It’s been misting and raining off and on all day.  We used our foul weather gear in this passage–quite a change from skimpy sun dresses.  Now it’s like San Francisco weather.

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