Nov. 11 – cows and pigs on the beach at Tofanga & Uonukuhahaki

This 1s the first island we have all to ourselves – for a day and a night.  We anchored in a beautiful sandy bottom, over coral, with good holding.  Winds are 15+ and overcast.  Ken’s anchor waypoint is  19° 57.518’ S – 174° 28.317’ W.

We had a dilemma.  Should we snorkel in the morning or later in the day?  We also weren’t sure how to get to the island from where we’re anchored.  Waves and current and slope of the beach made it hard to access the island from the anchor side, and our dinghy has a tiny motor.  We waited until slack tide to round the South point of the island and go into the lagoon side to get beach access.  Some shelling and big whale vertebrae could be seen, along with the resident cows.  It was strange having cows approach me on the beach.  There wasn’t much to see when snorkeling.  Our last day we took the dinghy over to Uonukuhahaki Island for a very, very long walk to the other end.  The island is covered in thick brush with wild pigs and piglets running through and around an abandoned camp.  We left at 2pm with the wind up and pouring rain, a couple days before a big Northwesterly was due.  We had 3k current against us at the Ava Mata Mata Veka pass, dancing waters, 20k winds and ugly confused seas that extended out about 5 miles.  Not such a good sail toward Nuku’alofa.

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