Oct. 24 – Lucy the dog and rain on my back in Vava’u

A couple days ago we got ready to leave our favorite spot, but first had to ask a fellow cruiser to dive down and unwrap us from a coral head.  It’s our second coral wrap that was too deep for us to access.

We tried to swim across the reef at #16 (Vaka-eitu), timing it with high tide, but the current was really strong.   Instead we snorkeled around the boat and took the dinghy over to the island and met Lucy the dog.  She was a bit skittish but did manage to eat all the food I brought over.  She has plenty of fresh water and seems to be well cared for by other cruisers.

For the rest of the week we snorkeled, read, napped, made another trip back to Neiafu,  then motorsailed back to #7 Port Maurelle.  We had a big rain early am through the night.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a downpour.  It filled a two gallon bucket in a couple hours and the dinghy was 1/4 full this morning.  We explored the beach briefly before the deluge and I snorkeled and then cleaned the boat bottom during some of the downpour.  Positioning myself half in half out of the water, I could watch the raindrops.  Although clarity was diminished, I loved the sensation of quiet underwater while feeling the raindrops hit my backside.

We’re coordinating departure with another boat either today or tomorrow, weather depending.  I’ve been watching the fish jump and the swallows feed yesterday and this morning.   The crickets continue to get loud at 6:45pm every night.

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