Sept. 22 – another trying day in Pago Pago

This is truly one of those trying days.  The generator won’t stay running.  It’s supposed to charge our batteries.  We wanted to leave today for Apia, an overnight sail.  It’s Thursday and we could get in Friday to check in, otherwise we have to anchor out until Monday with a nonfunctioning generator and no power.  Now the generator is torn apart and in the middle of the hopeful fix Jason, the fellow cruiser who’s kind enough to help us, heard on the radio his boat is dragging so he and his wife, Karen, had to leave to reset their anchor.  So here we sit not knowing if we’re going or staying.

We still haven’t made it to the market for final items.  We’re both frustrated with these continuous breakdowns.

Finally the generator is running.   We’re going to try and make a quick trip to the market, if that’s even possible.  As long as we’re out of here before sunset we’ll be fine arriving tomorrow.

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