Sept. 21 – Samoan feast at Tisa’s

We had dinner with fellow cruisers at a locally famous spot called Tisa’s Barefoot Bar.

Tisa made a traditional meal buried and baked in the ground for most of the day.  Jim got my portion of the meat and boy was he happy.  The veggie  items were so delicious I went back for seconds.  Baked papaya with cinnamon was like a dessert that melted in my mouth.  The baby taro leaves in coconut cream was fabulous and so was the shrimp in coconut cream and the fish something.  After  the food cooked in the ground they begin to peel back the leaves.  The smokey smell of all the mingling flavors and spices was incredible.  It was buffet style dining and we ate off plates Tisa showed us how to make from pandanus leaves so no dirty dishes.

Some biologists were having dinner and they brought along a baby flying fox (well okay bat) they had rescued.  He’d been abandoned by his mother so they were feeding him with a doll baby bottle which was just too cute.  Their wings looked like tissue paper.  This little guy was the hit of the evening.  Flying foxes are quite common in Samoa and you can see trees covered with them – they look like dark pods.

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