Sept. 21 Fa’a – Samoan way of life

We went to church because we love the singing.  It was a small church with 2 pianos, everyone a local, and in Samoan dialect.  They greeted us warmly and even asked our names and mentioned us (in English) during the service.   The rest of the service was in their local language.

We tried to get our teeth cleaned at the health clinic.  During our 2 hour wait we watched Fox news with all the political flap of the moment and were reminded nothing’s changed.  No available appointments for a cleaning this week so we decided to rent a car and tour the island.

We enjoyed driving through all the different villages.  We had an informative chat with the Nat’l Park Service ranger about their culture and village life, called fa’a or Samoan way of life.

Starkist Tuna – fortunately they’ve closed 2 other tuna-processing plants so the smell is negligible in the marina and  harbor.

There’s a bus stop in each village, along with at least one fale (meeting patio) owned and operated by a local Samoan family where they gather for village meetings and just for hanging out.

They bury their ancestors in the front yard.

A gong is used to announce sunset and to gather the village together for a meeting or alert to danger – it’s made from an old propane tank.

Here’s your brief tour of Pago Pago

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