goodbye bora bora

we’ve been here a week and now we have a good weather window.  we just came back from the east side of the island hoping to find a
nice snorkeling spot, but unfortunately it was a dead zone.  perhaps the coral was destroyed when cyclone oli hit several years back when the island got quite a bit of damage.  what we did see were miles and miles of thatched huts extending along the motus where BIG HOTEL has crept in.  lots of jet skies and power boats crammed with tourists being wisked around.  that’s bora bora.  another thing is something i’ve noticed on all the polynesian islands we’ve visited so far – they bury their dead in decorated plots in the front yard.

next stop suwarrow in the cooks islands.  we’ll have about 5 days of downwind sailing (we hope) with mild seas.




2 thoughts on “goodbye bora bora

  1. hi monica, what a nice surprise to see your name. we are home briefly until the end of march and then it’s back to the boat which is waiting for us in whangarei, new zealand. the blog is woefully behind but i intend to get busy this week with updates so please check it out again in april. we hope things are good with you.

    linda and jim

  2. Hi Jim and Linda
    I’m not sure when you will get this, but I so appreciated the December 2010 update you sent me. What a gorgeous trip and such a beautiful log. I hope things continue as fabulously as they have been and I send you my very best wishes! Monica Stone

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