coral garden

it’s not easy to anchor in Raiatea or Tahaa.  inside the lagoon it’s either 5ft deep, 70ft deep or 130ft deep, none of which works for us.  and then you have the coral heads that trap anchors and gouge boat bottoms.  the illusive 10ft of sandy bottom is hard to find.  we knew this when we sailed over to find the coral garden, still smarting from our recent coral experience.  we found a tiny plateau for anchoring for a couple of hours and we’re so glad we did.  what an experience.  it’s like a riverbed between two motus.  a strong current from the crashing waves of the nearby reef wall of the lagoon feeds the water with nutrients that sustain the varied underwater life we saw.  basically this is one of the best snorkeling experiences we’ve had so far.

2 thoughts on “coral garden

  1. Awesome shots! You really got some amazing pics. The eel is stunning. Were you using ambient light? That big sea-urchiny type thing is a Crown of Thorns Starfish; yet another weird member of that phylum.

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