avea bay is paradise

we motored for 2+ hours along the western side of the lagoon as far as we could go, Avea Bay.  now we know why people say it’s perhaps the most beautiful bay in Huahine.  clear water to 40 ft, a large sandy area to anchor, big waves crashing on the edge of the lagoon in the distance, and a sandy beach with hotel dock for easy access to land.  we spent 3 days here but could easily stay longer.  in pursuit of baguettes, we walked about an hour each way to a little shack for our purchase.  what a luxury to walk on flat ground in a cool breeze with stunning views in all directions.  everyone smiles and croons “bonjourn” as they pass.  we also took a dinghy ride around the corner of the tip to snorkel in the extended reef off the Araara moto.  although the coral looked dead we found a variety of fish to watch.  weather has been perfect with a cooling breeze, infrequent cloudy or overcast skies and almost no current.  yup, it feels like paradise.

walking to buy baguettes

another mystery fruit

another baguette delivery tube

lucky shot

leaving the reef by Araara motu

3 thoughts on “avea bay is paradise

  1. thanks for identifying the fish. we don’t have a good reference book and it’s always helpful to know what i’m looking at.

  2. Indeed. You take such beautiful pictures. I forgot that you have a blog. I need to catch up on the reading. Enjoy your land stay.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I like the shots of the Saddleback Butterfly Fish. I hope your toe is feeling better. I am enjoying following your adventures.

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