road trip Huahine July 31

Huahine is 47 square miles with a smooth road that encircles the island and connects Huahine Nui to Hauhine Iti.  We rented a car and drove the whole island which could have taken 1-2 hours if I hadn’t said “wait, pull over, that’s a great shot”.  This is how we travel, Jim and I.  He drives and I beg to stop and click away with my camera.  First stop was the famous archeological site of Maeve with its stone slabs and wooden artifacts.  We tagged along with a tour group and listened to Paul give a very informative overview of the settling of the South Pacific islands, tracing its cultural heritage back to Asia.  We stopped for lunch at the southern tip of Iti where Jim sampled the various traditional foods and gelatinous scoops of various fruits for dessert.  I had a huge salad.  Okay, I admit I’m not the adventurous eater he is.  After returning the car we happened on two different drumming and dancing groups in Fare.  Behind the Catholic church families picnicked and relaxed while the heavy Polynesian drum beat accompanied the women practicing their routine.  Further down the road was another group in the park also practicing.  Back at the boat for sunset we could hear singing from the Protestant church and the drumming from the two groups.

Maeve site with the wooden spirit dolls and stone slabs

several have deteriorated

it’s still an active fishing spot with many outriggers beached

a common way to store the outrigger

this is very common for the fiberglass  boats

fishing nets or traps, i’m not sure which

this is the potee or community building but it’s under construction

churches are everywhere, and often we saw these little huts on the water

kids playing with some sort of improvised vehicle

not only do they deliver mail but they deliver baguettes into the long tubes

fish tails at the restaurant where we had lunch – probably part of Jim’s lunch

stone structures down by Parea – that’s Jim walking behind

same site, looking toward the edge of the lagoon

it’s a popular surfing spot

yes the water really is this many colors of blue

near the town of Maeve these channels are for fishing

in the far back right there’s a woman fishing – or stabbing something

it’s a lousy shot but we did get to see the blue-eyes (and eared) eels in Faaie.  the eels are huge, about 2-4ft long but time of day made it hard to photograph them

they draw a lot of attention

i rarely see a full one in CA but we’ve seen these palms in all the islands

musicians in the park with the dog periodically walking through where they’re playing

they still use glass insulators

and there are so many more photos to share

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