night moves july 30

It was a leisurely morning in Haumi with no need to rush since we were making an overnight passage to Huahine.  We wanted to arrive when the sun allowed us to enter the pass and anchor among the coral heads.  We sailed most of the way at a slow 3-5kt with squalls starting in the early morning of the 28th.  Swells began to build.  When we arrived at Avamoa Pass winds were gusting 30kt and it was hard to see the beacons.  We eventually anchored in 16ft over mostly white sand just before the coralheads.

We spent the next couple days waiting for the wind to die down, opening and closing the hatches when it rained and feeling nervous about swinging so close to the coral.   Evening of the 30th, after returning to the boat in the dark, we discovered the tide had shifted somehow and we watched the depth meter go from 16ft to 6ft.  We draw 6.5 ft.  Twice we hit bottom or coral.  I can’t begin to describe the feeling when that happens, but it’s almost a physical bruising.  We had to move the boat, in the dark, with the wind howling and a misting rain.  We weren’t the only boat to move at that hour, not that it made us feel any better.  We spent 2 grueling hours and Jim did a magnificent job of navigating us over to another part of the bay.  After monitoring our new anchoring spot for another hour or two, it was after 10pm and we felt we could relax a bit.

in front of the dinghy dock

Saturday was a tiny farmer’s market in town and they have a pink banana here that’s very sweet


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