sharks and rays around our feet

it was a 40 minute dinghy ride, with the wind, to get over to the snorkeling area we’d read about.  what looked like large black stones in the water were really large sting rays.  the water was chest high and they milled around our feet.  a few minutes later a tour boat arrived and as soon as the guide got in the water the rays were all over him like hungry  puppies.  they probably recognized the sound of his outboard (and his legs!?!)  a feeding frenzy ensued as they climbed up his chest to suck the fish from his fingers.  Jim brought mackerel but they were only interested in the tour guide.  we got a chance to touch the rays—they felt silky and smooth.  one tried to nibble Jim’s fingers but the ray decided it wasn’t fish and left.  then we all stepped back by the tour boat so the guide could pound the water for the black tip sharks. about half a dozen circled around to feed on the fish thrown to them.  it was an amazing experience to be so close to potentially lethal marine life.  these are the same type of rays that took the Crocodile Hunter’s life.  we were assured the sharks are continually well fed.

i know you just saw this photo in the last post, it was a very long dinghy ride through this beautiful lagoon

Jim trying to give his mackerel away

then the tour boat guide showed up and he got swarmed by rays

without getting too personal, your can see the barbs at the base of the tail.  i didn’t see them on all the rays and don’t know if they all have the barbs or not.

that’s his eye

and then the sharks showed up

the sharks and rays can share space together


One thought on “sharks and rays around our feet

  1. wow … being that close to the rays and sharks must be so exilerating, although frightening. they just might like the look and smell of your leg instead of the fish! you are so lucky to be living a dream.

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