leaving Opunohu Bay July 25

it’s been almost a week here in Opunohu Bay and it’s time to explore a bit more of Moorea before we leave for the next island, Huahine.  we probably won’t have wifi after today for perhaps a week.  we’ve enjoyed our time here.  weather has been all over the map.  it took 3.5 hours to travel the 10 miles that separate Tahiti from Moorea.  we had winds of 30kts and we averaged 7kts making for a very pleasant downwind sail.  once we arrived at Passe Tareu Moorea (Opunohu Bay) the winds continued in the 30+kts range.  our first 3 nights we anchored deep in Opunohu Bay instead of the point. we were surrounded by lush green cliffs with irregular shapes and pointy peaks that continually changed with the light and clouds.  winds continued to gust to 30kt.  I saw my first water spout which is a mini tornado on the water.  it formed off the stern of the boat and all I could do was say “the dinghy, the dinghy” which we’d just put in the water because it was blowing sideways when tied off the side of the boat.  the water spout came across the dinghy and the boat with no damage.  alas I didn’t have my camera handy.  we averaged 5 boats in the bay and watched the sky turn from pale yellow to black in a matter of minutes.   anchored at the point we barely move and the wind has died.   the boat gently rolls when a jet sky races by, otherwise it’s very tranquil.   here are some parting shots from our stay here.

although the water is very clear the coral doesn’t seem very healthy.  i saw a lot of these webs.  we didn’t see much fish when we snorkeled.

the markets have a shopping cart system that seems to work really well.  you put a 100 CFP coin (80¢) in the slot and it releases a cart.  you get your coin back when you reconnect it to the other carts.  no more shopping carts left in the neighborhood.

the anchorage at the point.  we averaged between 16 and 20 boats while we were here.

2 thoughts on “leaving Opunohu Bay July 25

  1. hi fran and ray, it’s good to hear from you. we can’t wait to see you at the dock with something warm to drink. meanwhile we’ll think of you while we’re sitting in huahine waiting for the 20kt wind gusts to subside so we can go ashore.

  2. Hi Jim and Linda: Johanna sent me the link to your blog and the pictures are amazing. You must be having a wonderful time living the dream of sailing around the world. We will be waiting at the dock in Halifax when you get here. All the best ….. Fran and Ray

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