hiking in Opunohu Bay

We decided to take the dinghy to shore and attempt the walk to Belvedere which is supposed to give us a grand view of this side of the island.  we rowed to shore because we’d heard several dinghy motors had been stolen in the past, plus we noticed others had also rowed to shore yesterday.  we had no luck hitchhiking but it was a pleasant walk that brought us to the agricultural center and a free self-guided tour.  the road was closed leading to Belvedere so we’ll leave that for another day, or a car tour.  unfortunately Jim’s water shoes left at the dinghy were gone when we got back to the dinghy.  it’s the only thing stolen so far on the trip.  we got back to the boat early afternoon just in time to watch the weather turn from sun to squall and hard rain and winds frequently at 30kts.  more boats arrived so now we’re 8 spread around the bay.  the balance of the afternoon was spent gawking at the incredible wind and rain and watching the boat spin on the anchor.

Opunohu Bay from the street looking back at the boat

we’ve seen very few birds, or wildlife at all, on this leg of our journey.  this is a brown bird with an orange bill but i don’t have a name yet.  my bird book doesn’t include this area.

i think this is Tautuapea which is 769 meters

he was talking on his cell phone while leading a horseback riding tour

it was a long hike but the road was lined with these beautiful trees

can you spot the lizard?

pineapple fields at the agriculture place.  you can grow pineapples 2 ways–cut the top off and put in dirt which takes about 18 months or you can let the offshoots grow another pineapple which takes considerably less time.  they grow pineapple year round but only for locals, they don’t export them.  they’re really sweet.

something was munching the citron (lime)

walking through the agricultural center

beginning of a pineapple

the farm also raised pigs.  yes, Jim was salivating

and there were plenty of ginger varieties

mango leaves

large ficus tree trunk

numerous stands of bamboo that made a soft creaking in the wind

a spent ginger

about the size of a pear, it contains a large white nut like an almond that’s used for healing bones

just before Jim discovers his sandals have been stolen



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