puddlejump celebrations

we joined the Puddlejump rally last year which is a yearly event organized by Latitude 38, our local sailing magazine and hub for all things nautical.  one of the reasons we blew through the Tuamotos was to get to Tahiti in time for the festivities.  we enjoyed meeting new people and attaching faces to boat names.  when we made the crossing from the Galapagos to the Marquesas we had a daily check-in with a group of boats, some of which made it to the festivities.  anyway, what follows are photos taken in Moorea the end of June.  it was great fun and gave us a sense of real Polynesian culture.

it was a busy harbor we crossed to get from Papeete to Moorea

a big research vessel had just arrived as we motored through the harbor

it looks suspiciously like Jim’s taking a nap, but he’s really making a repair to the boom vang during the 3+ hours we motorsailed over to Moorea

first glimpse of Opunohu Bay

and then the rest of the boats began to arrive – i think about 45 in all

for 2 days we were kept busy learning about Tahitian culture and the arts.  i made several leis

this fellow was one of the stone-lifting and banana running instructors

and they’re not small stones

the banana barbells was a popular sprint around the park

many of the older Polynesian men had full-body tattoos

here outriggers are as common as skateboards are in the USA

everyone was making leis and they hung on a long pole

one of the drummers

one of the dancers

another dancer

and here are a few more dance shots


2 Outbounds in the bay.  we had a chance to meet up with Mark and Dorothy during the festivities

the water was so clear i could watch manta rays swimming under the boat.

we leave in a couple hours from Taina Marina here in Tahiti to go back over to Opunohu Bay.






2 thoughts on “puddlejump celebrations

  1. we’re now back in th same spot in moorea and the water is still this amazing turquoise blue. even after all the rain and runoff from the island. the tahitians are really into headwear. the church women i don’t think i’ve posted yet but will soon. the dancers have amazing costumes.

  2. what a beautiful place!! the water is unbelieveable. i love the last picture and the wonderful headdress of the woman three pics up.

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