stitches out

okay, i admit this is gross, but here’s my toe just before getting the stitches removed.

i’m fine, the toe is fine and the nail will fall off in about 10 days and it will take about a year to grow out a new nail.  end of story.  i promise i won’t post a photo of the denailed toe unless it’s amazingly photographic.

i do need to comment on the hospital here in Tahiti.  they are amazing.  it’s not every day you enter the urgent care where chickens are outside in the parking lot.  nor have i experienced male nurses with big body tattoos before.  the tattoos are gorgeous.  no i’m not thinking of getting one.   the biggest surprise is the cost.  the taxi ride the first time was more than the actual doctor visit, plus they gave me a big bag of medical supplies like bandages and pills.  Tahiti also has their version of 911 – you call 15 from any phone and you get to talk to an English-speaking doctor or nurse for free.  we were impressed.

now it’s time to go snorkling.  we leave tomorrow morning at 8:30am to head over to moorea.  it’s time to get back into cruising mode.


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