backroads of Tahiti

We rented a car and yesterday had a chance to drive around Tahiti Nui (big island) and Tahiti Iti (the little appendage to the big island).  Fortunately there were no traffic delays like we experienced the day before on the buses.  Tahitians are courteous drivers, stopping for pedestrians and merging politely at the roundabouts.  No LA or Bay Area combat driving here, just tailgating.  We noticed a different feel to Iti, more agricultural, the light was brighter so colors were more vibrant, and a lot fewer cars on the road.  Here’s a selection of what we saw.

one of many little bays around Tahiti

a perfect lunch spot

it’s not often you see a tree growing out of a building

kite surfing on Iti

the end of the road on the north side of Iti

probably my favorite part of the drive.  we walked across the bridge in the background onto an area that reminded  me of the walk streets in Venice, CA.  the place felt magical with open yards, plenty of cozy places to sit and while away the afternoon watching the water.

here’s one of those little open-air patios

the hanging nets from a fisherman

this little community also had a wonderful lily pond

it was hard to leave this place

driving back we saw many fruit stands

and this platform which reminded me of the platforms in the Marquesas.  not sure of the significance but the floral displays are common.  i was thinking of Cary and her mom when i saw these.

one more church

the red canoe

i had to buy one of these fish traps made from bamboo

mountain view on Tahiti Nui

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