marina life in papeete

now that we’re back in Marina Taina on a side tie (without the dreaded plank or med tie) life has settled into a routine of sorts.  up before 7am for breakfast and motivation for the day’s chores.  today Jim is bussing and walking to find fuel filters.  i just finished hand washing a huge pile of laundry.   last evening we sat in the cockpit for sunset and listened to music from the restaurant at the end of the dock.  because we’re tied up to one of the main docks it’s like sitting in a fish bowl as we watch the people walking by and they look at us.  just after sunset all the kids from neighboring boats come out to play (skateboards and pirate costumes), groups of older kids huddle under the solar lights and adults stroll back and forth.  it feels very cosmopolitan with foreign languages floating through the air.

Christa from Holland is giving me a much-needed hair cut.  cutting hair and giving massages are 2 ways to make extra money if you’re cruising.  i don’t know how to do either one.

yesterday when i walked over to Carrefour, the fabulous store down the road, i saw this big guy in the fish section.  he’s huge and i’ve never seen such a large fish on ice before.

our new side tie and laundry hanging out to dry.

i should mention i’ve found the perfect weight management system.  no car, no tv, no wifi and no washing machine.

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